Shake Rising is MORE than just a dance class for me...

“Shake Rising has been so much more than just a dance class for me. It is a somatic healing experience that has helped me to: restore a deep sense of connection to and safety within myself, ground into my body and meet whatever is coming up for me with love, and physically release the weight I carry that was never mine in the first place. Sara & the instructors presented the movement of twerk in a conscious and authentic way, with deep respect, honor and appreciation for the rich cultural origins and history of the practice. They also create an extremely safe container that has helped me feel comfortable "trying on" parts of myself that have been experientially, societally or culturally repressed. I found Shake Rising to be more like a spiritual training ground whereby, through this practice of conscious movement, dance and loving empowerment I am so grateful for the opportunity to have experienced Shake Rising and I look forward to watching this practice grow and empower more women to step into their creativity, joy and divine feminine.”


Transformative Beyond Words

They say it’s often times hard to express deep, big feelings or experiences in words (there’s science behind that!) and that’s how I feel about Shake Rising. But in an attempt to write this review, I will do my best. Shake Rising is unlike any other fitness or spiritual experience I’ve been to. It allows me to experience myself in an entirely new way, opening myself… to myself. Through the container created (the room we practice in) I feel safe to see myself, hear myself, shake, emote, and transcend this human ego experience into my highest self’s fullest expression. Shake Rising is a tool to unblock stuck energy in each energy center in my body - it is a practice to remind me to be all of me - it is a workout of mind and body - it is a truly transformative place. But, it can also be whatever you want it to be. If you only want a workout, it can be that. If you only want a spiritual chakra alignment, it can be that. If you just want a room with safe energy and amazing humans surrounding you and you want to lay flat for an hour, it can be that. Truly. It can literally be whatever you need it to be. And if you enjoy the structure and guidance Sara provides, you can bounce and boogie to that too! Shake Rising is changing the world and our embodiment journey, one class at a time. I highly highly recommend getting in that room (or from your own home as it’s offered online too!!!)”


Really High Vibe fun

“Equal parts dance party, energy work, and a workout! Shake Rising is the most fun I’ve ever had working out (but it’s so much more than that). I always leave class buzzing with energy. Sara is a wonderful facilitator with so many good mantras and encouragement. She makes everyone feel safe, welcome, and like a goddess. I’m obsessed.”


Shake Awake

“Shake Rising has been a blessing in my journey towards a more full and unabashed embodiment. Sara guides you through not only a physical practice, but a spiritual journey. Awakening all parts of you. Beginning with intention to open the heart, and moving through exercises to strengthen and awaken the body. While incorporating luscious hip movements and invigorating twerk, she then sprinkles on positive mantra to encourage mind / body coherence. This practice will give you a taste of how strong and sexy you really can be. And through the reflection of surrounding women, a true sense of wholeness and connection.”



“Shake Rising combines a beautiful set of dance, embodiment, energetic release and cultivation of life force into a class that is both FUN and a great workout! Highly recommend this class for anyone who loves to dance and wants to connect more to their body and expression. It's liberating, empowering and inspiring! Best of all, Sara, the Founder is devoted to nurturing and building a community of support and upliftment for all.”


A beautiful practice to connect to your divine feminine essence

“Shake Rising has completely shifted my sense of what it means to feel fully embodied in myself. It’s a safe container to explore sexuality, sensuality, play, and movement in a way that leaves me feeling recharged every time. Each class brings up different things within me that help me to understand myself deeper and live in a more embodied way. I believe that Shake Rising is a practice that can benefit any human to help them tap into their divine feminine, experience the medicine of movement, and release shame and guilt about sexuality and sensuality.”


Transformative experience

“Wow Shake Rising! What a transformative experience. This hour-long class was the physical integration of all of my self-work that I didn’t know I needed. Sara’s words speak straight to my soul and tap into a part of my mind and body that I hadn’t been able to reach with talk therapy or self-reflection. Thank you Sara for creating this amazing space and practice. I am so grateful.”


Start the journey to find yourself! Amazing meditative workout 💕

“I love this workout! It’s a great party with your girl friend to celebrate the freedom of our bodies and an amazing workout. The lighting, the playlist and the intermediate meditations that give us space to slow down to turn the pace back up are amazing. I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, I’ve simply loved it 💕 Highly recommended to anyone in Kauai. Sara is an amazing speaker and she will guide you through a meditative workout that will bring you closer to yourself.”



“Ahh so much to say on this class.. the first time I walked in I was nervous and anxious, as I have been trying new things, so many times before.. Sara and Shake Rising welcomed me with open arms and let me breathe! The movement paired with energy worked cued by Sara melted any insecurity I had about my dance, my emotions etc.. Through this class I’ve gained so much more self-awareness and have learned how to embrace myself fully.. It truly is a work of art! I would recommend this class to anyone who needs a good reset and sweat! U always leave feeling full and recharged, ready for whatever is next. Thank you Shake Rising!”



“Sara's power, my power, the power of those shaking around me. The power of Spirit. I still can feel that when I remember my one and only experience with Shake Rising. And I love it. We can do magic with our bodies, we can transform our reality, and Shake Rising is such a perfect container for it. I'm so grateful for this practice, it's a wonderful tool for us humans to benefit from.”